Essential Tools for the Homeowner to keep handy

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Essential Tools for the Homeowner

Homeowner toolkit essentials:

Allen wrench 

Box wrench

Brads, nails, and spikes, of various sizes 

Channel-lock pliers (water pump pliers) 

Cordless drill/screwdriver

Curved claw hammer 

Digging spade 

Duct tape

Extendable-handle rake 

Glue gun l Hoe 

Level (2-inch with aluminum housing) 

Locking long-nose pliers

Magnetic tack hammer

Needle-nose pliers 

Open-end wrench

Pipe wrenches

Portable tool box

Pruning shears

Pry bar

Pump water vacuum (wet/dry vac) l Saw 

Screwdrivers, Phillips and flathead l Socket wrench with a ratchet handle 

Spray lubricant

Staple gun

Strap wrench

Tape measure


Utility knife

Wire cutters

Wood screws

Work flashlight